I completed a degree at St. Martin's School of Art, London in 1979 and have worked as a professional artist and designer in London and Gloucestershire, UK for 35 years.

My work crosses the boundaries of graphic and surface design, typography and textiles; current work explores political and social issues through textiles and typography.
I use a variety of materials: paint, ink, paper and textiles.

In 2011 I was diagnosed with severe m.e. which leaves me disabled and often bed bound: it also informs the working processes I use. I work every day but sometimes I can only manage a few minutes at a time. The work process is slow and built up piece by piece over a period of time. This is reflected in the series of patchwork quilts I am undertaking which provide a connection both to the world outside and memories from the past. Textiles and quilt making are used as a means of recording and reacting to themes surrounding gender, race and disability. In particular, textiles reflect both women’s role in the domestic arena as well as health issues surrounding my own personal disability.

I work from my studio at home in Gloucestershire, UK.

My philosophy: I'm a great believer in the cross-fertilisation of art, design and craft. Drawing and conceptual
thinking are essentials: they form the foundation of sound practise.
Accessibility matters: images and objects should explain and reveal, not conceal.
Good art and design enhances our lives.

I also have work on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.